Does your Site Have A Professional Design?

Google’s results page to show the most relevant organic search results quickly and accurately. Google introduced various now-infamous algorithm updates that have been given names such as Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird, These algorithm adjustments are intended to isolate poor websites and scammers, while also fine-tuning.

These on-going algorithm updates mean that Google is always looking at the design of your site (at least to some extent) as a way of judging its authority. Google has to serve visitors with quality and authoritative sites they will actually use! If it doesn’t, its business will suffer. As users, we are drawn to the sites that look more professional and have a best quality Design, so we proudly said we are the best web design company in Chennai.

  •  Forcing Customers to Create an Account

Forcing your visitors to create an account is the conversion killer.

Numerous customers buy gifts on sites they don’t frequent themselves, like as for a wedding gift or baby shower. That gift-giving customer may have no intention of purchasing on your website again. Forcing that visitors to create an account before they order the gift will make it less likely for them to want to complete that transaction.

Visitors might get frustrated trying to remember yet another set of usernames and passwords. Some may have concerns about the site storing their private information and credit card number. Other customers may have concerns that designing an account will sign them up for your email newsletter, and they don’t want any more messages cluttering up their inbox.

When you do ask your visitors to create a profile, be sure to share with them the benefit of doing so, such as being able to check on the status of their order or to gain discounts on future orders.

  • Does your site have a good Copy?

Good written copy should be used in most sections of your ecommerce site – from the home page to individual product pages and we are the best web design and development company in Chennai. Although there are no other real rules on how long or short the copy should be, there are a few things that you should take into consideration when crafting the copy for your site:

Do you have a voice? Copy on ecommerce websites can be totally cold, so why not let your special personality come through in your tone of voice in order to stay memorable.

Is your copy sales led? Don’t forget that your site is likely to be the initial port of call for many potential customers. Tell them what the benefits of using your products are rather than focus on their best features. Do you have testimonials or reviews that could be added as social media proof of how amazing your products are?

Is the copy unique? Manufacturers often provide the copy for their products but don’t easily copy and paste this into your product pages. Not only will this be fairly obvious to visitors who are researching products but it will make it hard for your pages to rank in Google. Google doesn’t like duplicate content and will filter out similar pages – make sure this doesn’t happen to you by writing your unique content.

  • The shipping rate is too high

Ideally, on an ecommerce website, the shipping rate for thin-weight items within the US should be just a few dollars. This is especially true if your right product or a very similar product is for sales on, whereby Prime members can get the item in just three days for no shipping cost. If you’re trade a product that weighs less than a pound and cost less than $100, a shipping rate over $5 would be considered unreasonable by a lot of consumers.

Especially pay attention to your competition here. It’s not uncommon for visitors to look around your own website, add items to their cart with every intent to buy, and then abandon the cart if your shipping rate is too high. And then most likely they will go to Amazon or your competitor who has a less shipping rate and purchase very alike items from them.

  • Shipping takes too long

If the shipping time on your site takes too lengthy, you may be losing customers. It should be very clear to your visitors not only the shipping time to their location but also how long your processing time is. There are a number of times I personally bought an item for an event based on the shipping time of two days but didn’t realize there was a three-day processing time prior to my ordered items shipping and the item did not arrive for my event and I was disappointed.

Again, Amazon Prime members can get items shipped to them within two days for free, or with the trend Prime Pantry, in certain cities, they can get items delivered to them in just two hours. So, if a visitors visiting your website wants an item for this weekend and it’s a Tuesday, know that if your shipping and processing times are not fast enough, that visitors may not end up purchasing through you.

It’s understandable if you don’t have the infrastructure or your unauthorized-party logistics aren’t set up to be able to ship items faster or to send them out of your location faster, but know that that may be an item attacks the sales on your ecommerce website.

  • Our Site is not secure

Visitors are not ready to enter their credit card information on your website if your URL does not begin with HTTPS.

Our best blog about HTTPS security, “Communications over HTTPS are encrypted between the client and the server so hearer don’t listen in, no one tampers with the data, and your website data isn’t forged.”

If your website does not have HTTPS security, when a user initial visits your page, they may get a security error which includes the text “not recommended” about continuing to your website – which really doesn’t look best. Many viewers will stop at this point and not go through to your website at all. If they do continue to your website, they will probably be less confident to purchase items on your site.