Construct the enormous healthcare connecting and delivery platform with our

Practo Clone

Launch a full-grown online doctor booking application with the assistance of our highly customizable Practo clone script. The app has special features integrated into it, assuring its seamless functioning. We construct both native and cross-platform apps for Android and iOS platforms. The Practo clone app is a white-label solution that is 100% customizable as per your branding conditions. The app as-per your satisfaction, making you the sole proprietor of your app.

Doctor appointment app development solutions, we provide with our Practo clone app. The on-demand industry is moderately entering all service sectors, and the global healthcare industry is no exception to this case. We, at Betelgeuse, work to build a top-notch on-demand doctor booking application that assists our customers from the healthcare industry to reach their target market efficiently.

Highlight Features

Develop Your on-demand doctor app with Practo clone

In-built VR Assistance

The app allows the patients to connect with doctors virtually by video calling, supported by the Virtual Reality assistance integrated into the app.

Real-time Appointments

you can attend meeting spreak to doctor real time appointment physicians, and clinics and can create an online doctor’s booking system by contacting anyone from the following.

Digital Health Details

The health records of the patients can be stored virtually, making it easily accessible for future consultations use digital health.

Push Notifications

Immerse your customer base in your scheme of things by consistently updating the latest arrivals, offers, discounts, celebratory days, etc., through text messages or in-app push notifications.

Multiple Payment Methods

Flood your customers with scores of payment options extending from credit/debit cards, online banking, UPI, and even an exclusive electronic wallet.

Video Call With Doctor

Doctors can examine patients through the video call option and ensure there is adequate face-to-face communication patients can invite other participants to join the video conferencing room.

Features of Practo Clone App

Exclusive Video Conferencing Platform Solution

Medical video conferencing platforms featuring screen sharing, P2P (Point-2-Point) Communication, and customized development of audio and video streaming software.

Provide Urgent Care

Diseases like cold, flu, headache, reproductive health deserve immediate attention, and with our telemedical app solution, round-the-clock service by medical practitioners can be provided.

Provide Healthcare for the Entire Spectrum

Our Doctor On Demand clone is specially devised to facilitate telemedicine services encompassing various types of healthcare systems. It’s your one-stop solution for every digital healthcare need.


Patient Management

Patient's clinical records, scan results, diagnosis reports can be managed effectively and be used by the treating medical practitioner to make accurate treatment decisions.

Online Diagnosis

Patients can paraphrase their symptoms through words and by showing their condition using a camera and facilitating a remote diagnosis of a condition.

Doctor Onboarding

The simplified, swift onboarding process for doctors which is oriented towards the goal of sustainability and long-time retention.

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    Frequently asked questions

    01 How does the Practo clone app work? Will it be similar to Practo?

    Practo clone is a quick and efficient method to launch an on-demand doctor application. It also helps you save big on time, money, and efforts. We offer completely customizable and whitelabeled solutions that enable you to change the color, design, features, and UI to your liking, thereby making your app starkly different from the original application.

    02 Where Can I Get an doctor App Like Parcto?

    yes,advice and prescribe certain medications, dietary supplements, food changes, and others with the convenience of the patient

    03 How Much Time Does It Take to Launch a practo like app?

    We have a profound respect for your time, and hence, our top-notch ready-to-launch practo demand-doctor software can be launched in a matter of a few days.

    04 Why Should I Choose A Clone App?

    The practo Clone can be customized entirely to resonate with your needs and requirements. This makes it an altogether original solution with an ingrained sense of business processes.

    05 How can I contact your business?

    Feel free to contact us over a call +91 8754980881, email –, or through our website’s chat option.