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Zoom Clone Script

The Zoom Clone is a cloud-based video conferencing solution that is used to host virtual meetings, chats and audio conferencing. The app is pliant to be used for many use cases like webinars, business meetings, socializing with friends etc. The video conferencing platform is agile in functionality and robust to hold millions of users simultaneously without lags. You can build and launch a Zoom like video conferencing system without having to squander money zoom clone app.

There are many video conferencing solutions available out there. We know that you might be dilly-dallying about which would be the right team to work with. If we have guessed it right, then we might as well say, look further not. As forecasters of the video conferencing market, we know very well about future trends and adoption.

Benefits of Using Our Zoom Clone

Global Phone Services

Our Zoom clone script allows users to carry out high-quality phone conversations from the distant corners of the world. This is a huge boost for any enterprise.

Screen Sharing

Share your screen with fellow attendees through this option. Be it videos, PowerPoint presentations, etc., take control over the visibility of the screen.

Scheduled Meetings

Plan your meetings and share the invite link with the attendees beforehand with this feature. Set alerts to remind you and your attendees to host or join the meeting.

YouTube Video Sharing

Share videos from YouTube to make your video conferencing session more lively and interactive. This feature allows you to display YouTube videos directly.

Private/Public Conferences

No registration is required. Share the invite link with people to join your session or create credentials for restricted access. Private/Public Conferences join meeting.

Messaging Panel

Users can exchange messages instantly during a video conference or video call. They can also use pseudo names to text one using messaging panel.

Why Choose Us?

Conference Rooms

BetelGeuse’s dedicated service for corporates, this video conference script provides efficient
conference rooms.

Restricted Access

Users can restrict access to only registered users and restrain or block unwanted users from joining the meeting.


The video conferencing app can accommodate webinars seamlessly with a large number of attendees.

Voice/ Video Calls

Users can connect over voice or video calls with as many users as possible at a time.

Why should you invest in a zoom alternative?

In the modern business world, it is an absolute necessity for any business to remotely interact with their employees. With the ability to conduct remote meetings, teleconferences, webinars, and more, this Video conferencing app like Zoom increases productivity, the operational efficiency, along with allowing the management to relay information in real-time.

It is a great, cost-effective alternative to traditional ways of holding meetings that ensure everyone in an organization stays on the same page and can work together collectively in an efficient and streamlined manner.

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    Frequently asked questions

    01 What is the advantage of using an Zoom clone app?

    With an zoom clone app, you get all the features of the original software.

    02 What can I customize in the clone app?

    You can customize every aspect of the clone app. That includes colors, designs, themes, icons, and more.

    03 How long will it take to develop the app?

    The time it will take to finish developing the app depends on the number of features you want to implement in your app.

    04 Do you make apps for iOS or Android?

    We build exceptional apps for both platforms.