Airbnb Clone An effective vacation rental software

Airbnb for parking Clone Script

Digital service marketplace that connects property owners or service providers with travelers, tourists, and service seekers. It is essentially software inspired by Airbnb, which has transformed the way vacation rental software is perceived. With its massive success in the property rental field, its functions extend toward other rental domains like boat rental, restaurant booking, office sharing, finding a parking lot and warehouse. Certain standout features make Airbnb clones the only way to start your digital venture into a rental aggregator setup.

A traveller would like to experience the ways of life and local culture of the destination. Airbnb found this opportunity and enabled an “experience feature” that is rented out to travellers who would like to seek out such local experiences. Local guides and individuals can offer to host these experiences at their convenient time and batch strength. This is another system of rental management that can be replicated in course rentals, adventure activity rentals, etc.

Key Features

Airbnb for parking Clone Comprising Innumerable

Car rental

RentALL gives you all the top-notch features to handle all the core operations and helps boost your car rental marketplace.

Responsive Design

Avail a responsive design for your website or users can use the app conveniently. Rich experience of using apps on clone platforms.

Event venue sharing

Launch a venue sharing platform and offer unlimited choices for your customers to book their event spaces without hassle.

Manage Profiles

Efficiently manage the profiles of all your members. Maintain complete security of your members and let safe and secure platform.

User-friendly Dashboard

Have complete control over your social networking business. Make changes new elements to enhance experience.


Let members select their banners so that they can make a constant amount of regular income on the advertising banners.

Restaurant Rentals

Local cuisine and eateries are one of the key aspects in experiencing a culture fully. Finding a table at a popular restaurant can be a pain and a tedious process at popular travel destinations. Restaurants list their time slots and menu and table capacity, with a guest function to reserve tables and restaurant owners to track the bookings and be prepared in advance accordingly. This rental setup can be used in theme park booking, local attractions and event bookings, etc.

Build your Airbnb Clone like business:

Airbnb Clone is an online solution where listed Rental Properties are shared amongst host and guest. This is the best solution for entrepreneurs to start a rental business instantly. It is the best web & mobile-based property rental script and it has all the core features of Airbnb. Makent - Airbnb Clone is the perfect choice for shared economy rental business startups and for transforming your small businesses from Offline to the most trending online platform, so you can give a big hit easily. We keep you in the top position of the market, as we keep updating new features and updating technologies by comparing with competitors.

Bridging The Market Gaps

Achieving the market gap meant a proper study of the current market trend and strategising the airbnb clone product to full effect. Going through various successful rental management portals like airbnb, vrbo, etc. we cherry picked on some unique features in each portal and amalgamated them to get a staggering airbnb clone product. With analysis into what the market lacks and the demands of users, we came up with standalone features like agent integration, full view calendar and few others.

Identifyin The Business Demains Of Rental Management Software:

Betelgeuse always deploys a structured system to develop a product, and dwell was no different. With a vision to make it a standout product in the market, careful strategy was not just deployed over the design of the airbnb clone but also in the tech stack used. With a demand for an effective airbnb clone model that is scalable, maintainable and facile growing, identified some key pointers needed to cater that very need. With a careful consideration to mobile UI, not just with the native applications for android and iOS, but also ensuring that the responsive website acts as a PWA to ensure seamless usability.

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    Frequently asked questions

    01 Won’t there be any issues of copyrights if I start doing business by an app like Airbnb for parking?

    At Betelgeuse, we have found an ingenious way to deliver solutions that are astonishingly identical  yet it won’t be developed with the same code, design or layout like airbnb for parking. The international body permits anyone to launch an store. The copyright infringement concern is non-existent!

    02 Will you need to develop from scratch?

    No, we possess a fully-blown facebook clone which can be tweaked to acclimate your requirements and custom integrations. A highly efficient methodology!

    03 Is there a limit in the number of products or categories that can be included in the app?

    No! Based on the efficiency of the server and hosting, a limitless number of product categories can be created and uploaded in the app.

    04 How user-friendly is the Airbnb for parking Alternative app?

    The Airbnb for parking clone being embarked with an advanced search bar laden with powerful sorting and filtering elements makes the overall experience extensively user-friendly. Anybody with a pair of eyes will be delighted to shop through the app!

    05 What kind of support do you provide after the development process?

    Once a client, always a client! At Betelgeuse, we don’t shy away from conferring you with a relentless sense of support even after the app development process. We provide entirely free technical support and bug removal support for a period of 100 days.