EDUGET Learning Management System

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EDUGET LMS (Learning Management System) provides an e-learning clone-based management system for strategic planning, execution, and monitoring education-based courses. Our system offers detailed visibility into the academy process that will allow you to observe and control the education-based delivery. From implementation to portability, our system is effortlessly accessible from anywhere at any time, making it easier and pleasant without training.

Now instructors can create their portal with unlimited video courses, live classes, quizzes, and projects for their students. It offers an opportunity for the instructors to earn money from the comfort of their own homes through their knowledge.

Eduget Learning Management System
Why choose Eduget

Why choose EDUGET LMS?

EUDGET LMS e-learning software offers an opportunity for instructors and education-based business owners to implement the concept of digital learning with exclusive features.

  • Exclusive live classes for students with regular quizzes to clear their doubts.
  • Automated accounting system to calculate student attendance, fee balance, and listening hours.
  • Customizable dashboard options for admin
  • Video classes integrate with other social media websites like YouTube for reference.
  • Multiple accounting features and integrated payment options for easy tracking.
  • Our learning management system software provides dashboard displays with quick access buttons to visit the comment section, cache clearance, ticket maintenance, and reports.

How can I start my business?

EDUGET’s online learning software implementation process is simple.

  • Initiate the subscription process just by contacting our support team or directly through the login portal.
  • Analyze the features available and subscribe for the necessary features.
  • The complete package will be approved, and our team will offer you a free delivery system along with 24-hour live support for easy installation.
  • Our software supports installation on multiple systems and a wide range of operating systems that make it easier to access.


Key Features

Our White-Label E-Learning Clone Script

Multiple content support

EDUGET LMS allows the instructors to upload content like video courses, live classes (Webinars), and text-based courses (Plugin).

Payment Gateways (3 Included)

Our E-Learning Clone platform offers nearly 15 easy payment options. Offline payments are also available as a paid plugin.

Google Calendar Integration

EDUGET LMS can be integrated with Google calendar to maintain a schedule of events.

Variable Commission Rates

Increase user loyalty by using variable commission rates. Define extra commission rates for most active instructors and encourage them.

User Groups

Assign users to different user groups and reward them with extra discounts and commissions.

Affiliate & Referral Marketing (Plugin)

Using the affiliate marketing feature in our LMS Clone, users will be able to sell your platform courses and earn.

Course Sections

Organize course materials in different sections.

Single and Multiple Instructors

EDUGET LMS allows your education-based business to flourish by hiring single or multiple instructors.

Social Media Integration

The course can be integrated with Vimeo & Youtube video links and other social media sites for login, free, and safe video storage.

Shared hosting Support

No need to pay for expensive VPS or desiccated servers! BUDGET LMS could be installed in a minimum shared hosting plan.

Fully Responsive

Our software supports multiple operating systems, which makes it easier for students to access from many devices.

Support System

Students will be able to get in touch with instructors within a clear and functional course support system.

Separate Panels

EDUGET LMS includes separate panels for instructors, users, and organizations with different data types.

Multi-language Content (Plugin)

Define website contents in different languages.


EDUGET LMS offers multiple plugins that can be purchased through payment.

Subscribe System (Plugin)

In addition to normal purchases using the cart, students will be able to subscribe to courses by purchasing different subscription plans.


EDUGET LMS is multi-language and translatable. All of the official currencies included. RTL mode supported.

Quiz & Certification (Plugin)

Create a wide range of quizzes and certificates for the students based on their courses.

Professional Admin Panel

The beautiful panel offers access ibilities, reports, and lists based on functionalities.

Class Options

There are many options for each class, such as class capacity, private classes, class start date, class reports, FAQ, filters, rating, invited instructors, etc.

Marketing Options

Our Online Learning Software offers marketing features such as advanced discount codes, content promotions, featured classes, course discounts, advertising banners, email newsletters, etc., to perform marketing campaigns.

Is EDUGET LMS suitable for my Business?

We offer an end-to-end solution for all your online Education-based business requirements with features that suit your needs.

  • Our LMS clone offers you a normalized customizable dashboard and the marketing dashboard to analyze the activities occurring within your website.
  • Provides a separate education section that offers a detailed analysis of the classes and their functionalities.
  • Upload new classes with elusive education material for both online and offline education of the students.
  • Subscription options are connected to a wide range of gateways for easy payments and financial analysis. Automated graphical
    representation of student details, instructor classes, and other financial data for simple admin operations.

What is the Product Workflow?

Our unique product is suitable for running online businesses through a real-time platform.

  • Admin can maintain a constant watch on the monthly reports and real-time graphical analysis data to maintain their marketing strategies and financial accounts.
  • Instructors can test the progress of their students and analyze their learning capacity to create videos that reach their understanding level.
  • Students can learn new concepts and have a detailed discussion with their instructor regarding their doubts.
  • Parents can be assured about their students’ range of education through monthly report cards and portal access.

Eduget Product Workflow

What Is Included in the Package?

Our Online Learning Software includes features like,

  • A unique and customizable dashboard
  • Supporting tabs that make the portal user-friendly.
  • Detailed graphical solution daily.
  • Filters to separate the tabs and courses.
  • Exclusive access option with a separate password.
  • Quizzes and chat boxes for communication between instructors and students.

Paid Plugins ( Not Included )

Our E-Learning Clone comes with paid plugin versions that have been listed below.

  • Subscription plugin for payment through a wide range of payment gateways.
  • Both online and offline payment options for admin and students.
  • Classes with live, recorded, and text options.
  • Dashboard plugins for easy customization.
  • Chatbox for communication.
  • Quiz, results, and certification portals.
  • Language options

Subscribing for one plugin bundle offers access to future upgrades.

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    Frequently asked questions

    01 Does the support team offer services for bugs?

    Yes, our Online Learning Software offers services for bug fixing and other issues.



    02 Does the product have detailed financial support?

    Yes, as the product comes along with a separate login for payment gateways, sales analysis, subscription, and other financial aspects.

    03 What are server requirements?

    For hosting/server recommendations, please log in to our CRM and go to the knowledge base from the side menu.


    04 Can I run the product on shared hosting?

    Yes, there are no limitations with shared hosting plans.

    06 Which payment gateways are supported?

    There are 15 gateways supported for different countries, from PayPal to Stripe. For supported countries, you can check our CRM.

    05 Can I use YouTube and Vimeo as video storage?

    Yes. You can use them as free and safe video storage.