What Is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is a segment of digital marketing, albeit a massive one. The promotion of a product or service using videos increases traffic on your website and social media channels as it demonstrates the real use of the product or service to your target visitors.

1.Live video streaming

The most familiar trend that’s used as a marketing tool as of this year. Streaming services like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram all have the best features that allow viewers to start a live video stream. This is how other viewers communicate with each other. However, there is another latest trend to consider for your marketing strategy.

2.Social Media Algorithms and Video Content

More than 500 million videos have been uploaded to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Twitch in the last 365 days. That is up from 430 million videos that were uploaded the previous year and 380 million videos that were uploaded the year before that.

So, one of the trends that we can expect to see in 2021 is a surge in video uploads to about 387 million – which is about 1.3 million videos uploaded a day, or 55,594 an hour.

Definitely, no one can see even a pocket fraction of these videos. So, the very most important latest trends in the coming year will involve changes to the algorithms that these social media platforms use assists to determine which videos get discovered. This goes beyond video SEO.

3.Ultimate 360-degree Video Experience

And, the third video marketing trend is just an upgraded version of 2016’s social media sensation that permits the marketers to promote their services or produce an alluring 360 video experience to the viewers. With the arrival of Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality, it would be simple to make your videos apart from the competition.

4.Shoppable videos

This allows users to buy what they need as soon as they see it. Currently, people tend to have short attention spans when it comes to getting their attention through digital media marketing. When designing “shoppable” videos, remember to keep content short, but creatively pleasing.

5.Educational Videos

Videos are good as learning tools there’s no confusion about it. Touching both auditory and visual senses, videos make it simple for educators to produce effective and compelling instructor-led lectures, how-to tutorials, and simulations. From a marketing perspective, however, you can leverage this to draw conduct more effectively.

Now we’re living in a time of advertisement overload. Whether you are watching TV, browsing the internet, scrolling through social media, or just commuting to work, you will see many ads. Not only are there too many ads, sometimes, but they are also too intruding and even slow down page loading times. As a final result, consumers are blocking ads wherever they can. In fact, according to GlobalWebIndex, 50% of internet viewers now use ad-blocking applications.

6.Influencer video marketing

Influencers have always been a trend when it comes to digital marketing. However, this year marketing has escalated due to how much impact they bring into video marketing. From social media posts to vlogging about daily life on their YouTube channels, influencers will always be a useful tool in promoting products for your own brand.

7.Vlogging for Brands

As online viewing customs go, vlogs are maybe one of the most familiar forms of video content among internet users. As a matter of fact, more than 50% of Internet users watch vlogs every month. More often than not, individuals use vlogs, or video blogs, to document day-to-day life, share their expertise, exhibit their talents, or simply express themselves. However, in recent years, we’ve seen celebrities and micro-influencers leverage this to communicate with their fan base. Likewise, we have seen several brands following suit.

8.Video marketing across multi-channel

Providing more differences for customers is the best approach to effective video marketing. When you apply multichannel video marketing, make sure you go through various channels of sales such as the following:

  1. Direct Sales
  2. Sales through Retailer
  3. Sales through Wholesaler
  4. Sales through Agent

All in all, the major purpose of multichannel video marketing offers more options for visitors as well as to experience what your brand has to offer with a unique and technically trendy approach.

9.LinkedIn Video

My forecast for Video on LinkedIn was going to be the fact that they would probably be attaching video conferencing in LinkedIn Messaging, but they went ahead and launched that this year! So there is now: original Video, LinkedIn Live, LinkedIn Stories with Video, private video messaging on LinkedIn, AND LinkedIn video conferencing through messaging. So what is my prediction? LinkedIn will continue to feed its UI (User interface) with all features that construct video even better.

10.Interactive Videos

Visitors have higher expectations now more than ever (Microsoft). Gone are the days when providing the best services and offering the best quality products are enough to design a loyal customer base.Now, visitors gravitate towards brands that can provide them with unique, tech-forward shopping experiences. In fact, 85% of consumers expect brands to leverage new technologies to design better experiences for them (Salesforce).

11.Longer Ads

When social media platforms such Twitter and YouTube introduced the 6-second video ads (WARC), many brands braced themselves for what they thought would be the lifetime of micro advertisements. For innovators, Eggo waffles launched the L’Eggo Your Eggo commercial (Eggo Waffles on YouTube), where they easily poured syrup on freshly cooked waffles. Meanwhile, Halls released a mini video for Halls Kids Throat Pops that featured a kid picking the candy for cough relief (Halls on YouTube). Aside from these, there are numberless other similar ads from popular companies like Dove, Subaru, and Doritos.

At that time, it seemed like micro-videos were about to maintain the video marketing game. After all, by keeping ads short, they can boost video completion rates and increase their reach more adroitly. What’s more is because these ads are so short, there was a slim chance that prospects will find them annoying.