Collect Product Reviews

You can also transform your customer’s experience into brand promotion by product reviews. According to the Google’s consumer barometer, “25% of brand promoters share their experiences online in their networks – twice as many as non-brand promoters.”

Google also found that 20% of brand advocates post a review online, compared to only 10% among non-brand promoters.”

To collect many product reviews, initiated by reaching out to customers who have recently purchased a product, especially those who are repeat buyers. You can use tools that automatically touch out to customers to give them options to review their purchases.

There are countless CRM tools available, as well as extensions available for various e-commerce CMS. Activecampaign, Dotmailer, Zoho Mails tool, Salesforce, and HubSpot are few such as tools.

These tools make it simpler to distribute requests for their product reviews. Activecampaign, for example, features an automation flow for forwarding automated reminders to customers.

CRM tools like Activecampaign gives a drag-and-drop editor permit you to set up automation flows using triggers, if-else conditions, and actions.

You can use tools and automation to drive more and more customer reviews.

Personalize UI and Customer Experience

User interfaces (UI) and customer experience means two opportunities to personalize interactions with your customers and finally convert them into micro-influencers; we are the best UI design company in Chennai.

To personalize UI, install browser cookies on your site, you can use browser cookies to identify a store visitor and salute them with personalized messages and deals.

To take it up a notch, you can use the customer’s geo-location to evaluate the areas demographics and weather conditions for unique product recommendations.

Additionally, you must mark previous product impressions, purchases, and wishlist to target your best customers with customized deals and products.

Focusing on the First 100 Days

If too much focus is put on pre-sale activity, then the potential to retain loyal customers is run down. Are you considering the buyer experience after the conversion? Companies want to consider how the buyer feels about the support and value of the company after the sale.

Turning the Customer into the Brand Promoter

Ever notice how Starbucks customers like to carry around their cups and establish off their purchase as they shop, walk, work or do just about anything? Starbucks is a main example of a company who has taken a target viewers and made their brand worth promoting. Word-of-mouth promotion is an exceedingly effective way to build new leads and retain customer loyalty. Starbucks has exploited this word-of-mouth promotion by building their brand desirable post-purchase.

Enable Social Proof Notifications

Social proof store notifications are when a store shows store data – in most cases, real-time purchases – with prospective customers. Social proof notifications permit e-commerce merchants to generate impulse purchases by establishing a fear of missing out (FOMO) around purchasing a product.

By setting up social proof notifications on your site, you can increase your sales conversion rate. Your visitors will react as micro-influencers as their purchases trigger a social proof for prospective consumers browsing on your site.

Other shoppers purchase best in real-time establishes trust and possibly sparks a sense of scarcity, driving impulse purchases.

If you want to use an e-commerce platform like Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, or BigCommerce, you can simply set up social proof notifications.

Effective Branding

A company such Starbucks focuses on branding throughout their products and marketing campaigns. Your company needs to understand your visitors are completely in order to realize what kind of branding will appeal to them and keep them intrigued with your company.

Reminders and Post-Marketing Efforts

There are companies, such Amazon or Crazy8, that work hard at their post-marketing efforts in an attempt to bring visitors back for more. Betelgeuse is the best digital marketing agency in Chennai. Some companies use anticipating marketing to guess which products will interest you most. Amazon utilizes guessing design to offer segments on their website, like “Recommendations for You” or “Inspired by Your Shopping Trends.” The company also sends out emails on similar topics, as well as shopping cart reminders.


Companies can use responsive design ads that re-market to customers who have already been to their website; Betelgeuse is the best web design in Chennai. Footlocker, Natural Force and Blinq are a few of the companies that use re-marketing to target the visitors who have viewed products and then left the page. These ads are noticeably displayed beside Google search results or at the top of another page, tempting the customer with product images specifically geared towards products they showed interest in. Seeing other shoppers purchase best in real-time establishes belief and hopeful sparks a sense of scarcity, driving impulse purchases.

Special Deals

Pizza-Hut and other companies mainly focus on offering their email subscribers exclusive offers. In order to get VIP deals from the company, a person has to subscribe to the emailing list. This benefits Pizza-Hut by keeping their company in the forefront of the customers mind, but also benefits Pizza-Hut when the customer is excited about receiving the frequent exclusive deal emails.

Supportive Content

Customers who can go to a company for carry more likely to continue purchasing from them whenever they want something in that industry. Lowes offers blog articles on creative ideas for the home and garden, while Home Depot offers DIY articles with kind guides for home improvement projects, such installing a washing machine. The magazine Cooking Light offers helpful cooking points, including videos, on their site. These attempts bring in new customers searching for assist and retain previous customers who continue to turn to their brand for excellent resources and valuable content.

Another form of supportive content includes training videos or articles that instruct your customers how to use your product. By showing customers how to get the most out of your product, you can benefit two-fold with an advertisement for those interested in the type of product you offer, as well as by retaining your customers’ loyalty with useful support.

When a company does what is best for its visitors, then the visitors will continue to come back for more. Look for ways to turn your customers into your considerable fans and brand promoters.