What is an SEO-friendly website?

SEO-friendly web design is the practice of designing websites that permit a search engine to crawl and read pages efficiently across a website. Betelgeuse is the best web designing company in Chennai. Once crawled, search engines can then serve the most relevant web pages to their visitors based on the topics they search for.

By ensuring that a search engine can simply crawl and understand your content is the initial step to making your web pages visible on the search engine result pages (SERP). Search engine optimization (SEO) focuses on your link structure, content, keywords, responsive layout, page speed, and other factors to assist your website to be most attractive to a search engine.

Why is an SEO-friendly website important?

We are the bestSEO services company in Chennai; Businesses that have SEO-friendly websites usually get additional traffic than their competitors who don’t build their own websites based on their target audience and search engines.

SEO should matter to your business because if someone does a Google search looking to solve a problem that they have and your business is efficient at solving that problem, you need your own website to be more visible to them. If your website isn’t ranking on the initial page of SERPs, it’s likely that you are missing out on potential customers.

Ensuring top rankings on the search engine is why it’s most important to start the web design process with SEO and your target audience in mind. The better the SEO strategies are integrated into your web design process, the better the chance of your web pages ranking on the initial page of SERPs.

How will an SEO-friendly website benefit your business?

Betelgeuse is the best SEO agency in Chennai, so we give surety to you doesn’t spend much time on the second page of Google, so why should your website be there? An SEO-friendly website is most important to any business that wants to be noticed online, however, most businesses don’t realize that search engine optimization needs to be designed into the web design process, and not added later on once the website is fabricated; we are the best web designing company in Chennai. With the investment into an SEO-friendly website, here are many benefits that your company will receive.

It improves your reputation

A poor online reputation may cost your business potential customers. Since nearly 90% of visitors check reviews before buying from a business, your website wants to deliver a good experience that assists influence a visitor’s decision. SEO-friendly web design will leave your visitors with a positive remaining impression of your brand.

Since your website is tailored to your target audience’s needs, it makes it simpler for customers to accomplish what they came to your website to do. Not only are they less likely to write a poor review, but they’re more likely to leave a positive one. Also, an SEO-friendly website combines everything to maximize your business visibility not just in search engines but with all other social media platforms, online publications, and review sites.

It attracts valuable traffic

Receiving web traffic is one thing, but attracting valuable customers is another thing. An SEO-friendly website that assists your business to attract customers who matter more to your business because you have integrated content and design that appeals respectively by adding value to them.

It’s optimized for conversions

Attracting quality traffic to your website is important but you also have to close the deal with them. SEO-friendly web design is also conversion rate optimized (CRO) so that it can logically guide your customers by their buying process. Every page viewed, clicked-link, newsletter subscribed, or form submitted will provide further insights to optimize the user experience.

It keeps paying your business back

SEO-friendly website design is a long-term investment that keeps reward you back as long as you maintain it. With minimal monthly maintenance, you generally not only maintain your current position in search results, but will also gaining compound growth as your traffic continues to increase, conversions get simpler, and your business grows.

It increases natural search traffic and brand awareness

80% of clicked search traffic goes to organic search while 40% goes to paid search ads. Being at the peak of SERPs demonstrates trust and credibility that your brand has the best quality content on your website that can answer the visitor’s query. This means that many of them will be able to recognize your brand which they’ll be more likely to choose when it comes time to permute.

It boosts your credibility and authority

The Internet has decidedly changed what the sales process looks like for many businesses. That’s because today, visitors have access to a wealth of useful resources that can guide them to learn about their options before they speak with a sales representative. And with SEO optimization, you can become a major part of the learning process.

That’s especially true if you merge your SEO efforts with content marketing. When you built informative, valuable content, you have the opportunity to design trust and credibility with potential visitors early in the research phase. Initially, a customer finds your site by searching for information related to your industry and seeing one of your resources in the search results. Then, they read that resource. If they like it, they might share it with their friends and subscribe to your email list; this is where the process slows down a bit. Those visitors maybe return to your site several times and read your email content regularly over the next few months without taking action. And if you are ready to use the traditional sales process, this can be frustrating. But with each piece of content they read, you’re initiating your brand as a credible, authoritative source of information.Then, when they are finally ready to buy or speak with a sales representative, they’ll know exactly which company to turn to and be extremely comfortable doing so after all of the useful information you’ve already provided for free.

It can help you stay ahead of your competitorsAs you optimize your site, you’re not just working to upgrade where your website ranks on results pages.You’re also moving to exceed your competitors.This means that as you move up in search results, you’ll earn a higher percentage of the clicks for your target keywords and your competitors will earn low.