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Twitter Clone script is your ticket to a 'blue ticked' venture for customized online news and social networking service. Lets users to access and voice opinions in any language. Make a reliable platform for accessing breaking news and upcoming trends via Android, iOS or web
clone app.

Build a magazine by adding your favourite reads. Could be the content from your favourite publication, You also get a powerful Admin Dashboard to control your social network from monitoring and changing trends to response for abuse reports. 100% Customizable.
Twitter is a social networking platform where people can express their thoughts in short posts which people can read and share! Today, we are going to make a Twitter Clone using React JS in the frontend along with Firebase!
We will be using Firebase Firestore as a database and we will be using Firebase Hosting to bring our clone live on the internet. We will have the ability to post along with Images. We will also be fetching real twitter posts for a section in our Clone application.

Benefits of using our Twitter Clone

Social Integrations

Found a gripping story that you want to share with your friends? Go ahead and do it with your social logins.

Refresh For New

Scrolled down so far? Hit refresh and see all latest news on top of the page refresh for new.

Categorize Reads

Only get news that matter to you the most. Read by the categories you think are worth following

Custom Magazine

Build a magazine by adding your favourite reads. Could be the content from your favourite publication.

Stay In-App All Time

No more juggling with tabs, as you can read all articles by simply staying in a single tab stay in app all time.


Found a blip that interests you and have an urge to respond to it ? go ahead and reply by tagging the person in your blip.

Why Choose Us?

Powerful Admin

Our betelgeuse Complete control of your websites and mobile apps is comfortably available in your admin dashboard.

Native Mobile Apps

Both our iOS and Android apps are built natively so that they perform with the best user experience in respective platforms


Radar Twitter is the most featureful product in its tier with pricing from the bottom of the barrel, prolonging your runway.

Whitelabel Solution

Our solution is entirely whitelabel to put whatever brand you want. Your customers will never know about Radar Twitter.


Twitter Clone Package

Are you looking to build up your own community just like Twitter with the customizations & configurations of your choice? Then “Twitter Clone Package” will be the awesome choice for you. With our new ``Twitter Clone Package``, you'll get amazing plugins with astounding features, amazing user interface, and all that’s required to make your SocialEngine based website look like Twitter.


It is safe to believe that each and every business has their specific requisites and would be serving niche industries. That being said, we at Clone Daddy offer tailor made custom support for all clone products. We offer custom support for all clone products that allows startups to nurture and lead the industry with specific offerings.

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    Frequently asked questions

    01 What is the advantage of using an Twitter clone app?

    With an twitter clone app, you get all the features of the original software.

    02 What can I customize in the clone app?

    You can customize every aspect of the clone app. That includes colors, designs, themes, icons, and more.

    03 How long will it take to develop the app?

    The time it will take to finish developing the app depends on the number of features you want to implement in your app.

    04 Do you make apps for iOS or Android?

    We build exceptional apps for both platforms.