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ICO Bench exchange clone application completes source code and is the proprietor to a digital currency exchange platform. It is the foundation through which a seamless interchange platform can be created. We at ominous create ICO Bench. Interchange the application by providing exceptional script solutions, from development to post-launch support.
Our Betelgeuse Technologies to launch exchanges clones including Binance, Coinbase, Bitmex, Poloniex, LocalCryptos, etc. modern script for Bitcoin Exchange clone to launch Bitcoin Exchange sites such as Huobi, Bittrex, OKEx, UPbit, Bitfinex, etc. Start-up with our P2P Crypto interchanges Script-based Crypto Exchange, like Local-Bitcoins, Remitano, Paxful. You may launch Premier OTC, Leverage, and Margin merchandise Platforms using our ICO Bench clone Trading Script.

Key Features

Our White-Label ICO Bench clone Script

Integrated Wallet

The utility of a digital wallet lies in the security it offers. Creating an impenetrable vault with us is the best way to make sure you have a stable wallet.

Advanced CMS

Advanced CMS Without the need for programming skills, our CMS platform will allow you to easily manage and update your business information at any time.

Advanced Search Bar

Sailing through an ocean of products, categories, and collections is made a breezy affair with a powerful search bar utility loaded.

Turnkey Solution

All of our products are provided on the turnkey basis. You can start with ZERO time-to-market, capture the largest market share and become the leader everyone.

Easy Customization

Our customised exchange allows you to add or delete a trading pair of cryptocurrencies, share orders and payment options, much more.

Reviews and Ratings

Imbue a sense of authenticity by enabling your customers to express their opinions about a particular product or the service of your Amazon like app through field.

Service market to empower your cryptoprenuership?

Ico clone is one of the best ICO clone script providers in the crypto market. They provide ICO services on three basis – Pre ICO, Etherum based, and Altcoins based trading. Their ICO projects have raised more than 12 million dollars as funds. Also, they have completed nearly 40 plus successful international ICO projects with a success rate of 100%. They use the Turnkey solutions to raise funds for your ICO campaigning process. They provide additional security features along with the inbuilt security options of your desired ICO script. That means you can customize your ICO clone script with Icoclone based on your business requirements. Some of the features include .

MLG Blockchain:

MLG Blockchain is one of the explorers in ICO script-providing industries. They donate ICO scripts for various ICO companies. They customize their readymade ICO script based on customer requirements and facilities according to the business requirements. Apart from the ICO script provides, they involve community management, Bounty service programs, smart contract creation, ICO creation and deployment, and other marketing sections that include listing, business partnership, and legal authorization. They charge low-cost for their service in ICO. But the price extends when it comes to specific customization that you need to add to your ICO script software.

What makes us distinct from other ICO Bench App Clone development company?

Comprehensive customizations

Timely deployment  Secure installation

Multi-platform operations

Appropriate support & maintenance

Cost-efficient solutions

Powerful admin dashboard  Performance scalability f Cloud tech integration

What makes us distinct from other ICO Bench App Clone development company?

While I know many ICOs that have paid either for reviews, none of them wants to expose the Expert who did that. This is because they are afraid that those ratings will be removed or edited by those same Experts and in result of that they will just lose the money they paid for the reviews. Also this will lower their average rating on ICO Bench and if the public will know about them paying for the rating they will lose the trust of investors. It surely seems that while no one particularly likes what is going on the ICO Bench they still try cope with it for their own benefit. The only people who really suffer are the the contributors and investors who end up buying tokens of a poor ICO.

ICO Entertainment:

Gain some insights into the world of ICOs by watching the top rated videos published in the app.

Experts & Contributors:

Get to know the best influencers in the ICO market and their personal achievements in the field.

ICO “Bounty“:

Take a part in the “Bounty“ projects and enjoy free coins for the execution of various tasks (writing blog posts, filming YouTube videos, translating whitepapers, etc).

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    Frequently asked questions

    01 Won’t there be any issues of copyrights if I start doing business by an app like ICO Bench?

    At Beteleguse, we have found an ingenious way to deliver solutions that are astonishingly identical  yet it won’t be developed with the same code, design or layout like ico bench. The international body permits anyone to launch an store. The copyright infringement concern is non-existent!

    02 Will you need to develop from scratch?

    No, we possess a fully-blown ICO Bench clone which can be tweaked to acclimate your requirements and custom integrations. A highly efficient methodology!

    03 Is there a limit in the number of products or categories that can be included in the app?

    No! Based on the efficiency of the server and hosting, a limitless number of product categories can be created and uploaded in the app.

    04 How user-friendly is the Alternative app?

    The ICO Bench clone being embarked with an advanced search bar laden with powerful sorting and filtering elements makes the overall experience extensively user-friendly. Anybody with a pair of eyes will be delighted to shop through the app!

    05 What kind of support do you provide after the development process?

    Once a client, always a client! At Beteleguse, we don’t shy away from conferring you with a relentless sense of support even after the app development process. We provide entirely free technical support and bug removal support for a period of 100 days.