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The revolutionary uprising of the Internet from being an entertainment tool to an actuator of empowerment via digital modes of education has disrupted the conventional players and forces. It's not an exaggeration to assert that the millennial way of edification is centered on devices and online courses and not the traditional pen and paper setup.

Touted to exceed the monumental $250 billion mark by 2022, the 110 million-strong user base is only expected to terraform into an exponential growth, given the rising smartphone adaptation and internet intrusion. Wish to harness this once-in-a-century opportunity to conquer the digital learning space?

At Betelgeuse, we confer you with E-learning app development solutions that converge the ingenuity of digital education into your fingertips. Suffused with a stellar array of immersive features, backed by a backend oozing sturdiness. Enticing a legion of global users, a broad spectrum of online courses was never this easy! Now at an unbeatable price.

Key Features

Our White-Label E-learning Script

Online e-Learning Solutions

Bridge the gap between institutions and education with proficiently developed, extensively interactive applications drenched in features.

Online Assessment

Our world-class digital learning solutions empower instructors to conduct virtual assessments to deduce the progress of the students.

Smart Pooling

An advanced secured and transparent pool services for miners to earn guaranteed income by mining different cryptocurrencies.


User Supports multiple languages on your Website and learn everything extend the reach of products to global audience multi-language.

Admin Panel

The admin panel is essential for a successful website. A powerful admin panel is available with all the features to manage backend data.

Wide Range Of Courses

Never leave the chance to stamp your presence by offering plenty of online courses across any possible category. Our learning management system.

Developing an E-learning platform is easy with these ready-made clone scripts

The way we learn is evolving and the mediums through which we consume educational resources has changed rapidly with technology. ELearning is gaining massive popularity among learners, trainers, and businesses. The online mode of learning and teaching offers opportunities to all three types of people and has something of importance for everyone..

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Best E-learning Clone

E-learning Clone script is a user-friendly e-learning software that enables the startups, entrepreneurs to build the powerful e-learning marketplace capable of holding ample online resources in a “few hours”. Our Udemy clone script has three stakeholders Admin, Instructor, and Customer. By using our Udemy clone script, A student can signup and can learn new technologies instantly.

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 we have years of experience in harnessing innovation in education technology and building successful EdTech projects from the ground up. Each project is unique, and educational app development companies know, that some startups go through bankruptcy before emerging on top. Learn more about the development story or failure that turned into success due to Freshcode’s expertise and professionalism.

Latest Technology:

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Responsive Support:

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Our Readymade crypto Clone Script provides all the futuristic features for your exchange and reduces time and costs. Want to launch your exchange platform Like Crypto loans?  speak-out to our team and share your business requirements with us here.


Course Wish Lists:

Empower your users to save an online course and get into them at a later time, effectively curtailing the need to locate the course every single time.

RegistrationAdvanced :

Let your users dash into the onlineSteering platform by entering their emailcourses and allied digital materials is address, phone address, or social medianow more difficult as users are girded credentials. with a course locator clamped with powerful sorting and filtering elements


Our Readymade e learniong Clone Script provides all the futuristic features for your books and reduces time and costs. Want to launch your exchange platform Like Crypto loans?  speak-out to our team and share your business requirements with us here.

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    Frequently asked questions

    01 What is the server requirements for E-learning Clone script ?

    At Betelgeuse,

    • Any Linux Operating System
    • Web Server – Apache
    • Database – MySQL
    • PHP – 7.1
    • Ability to Setup Cron Jobs

    02 Do you provide the source code at the end of the project?

    Yes. We do provide source code as a part of our premium app development package. However, we do not include source codes in the basic package. Hence, we advise you to go for the premium version so you can get the 100% customizable source codes to help you in future enhancements.

    03 What Support do I get ?

    One Year Free Support will be given on purchasing of the Script. In this One Year small Customizations and Bug Fixing will be done.

    04 Will I get help in getting API Provider ?

    Once the Project starts, We will refer API Providers, so the Client will be in direct Contact with the Provider to get their preferred API.

    05 What kind of support do you provide after the development process?

    Once a client, always a client! At betelgeuse,we don’t shy away from conferring you with a relentless sense of support even after the app development process. We provide entirely free technical support and bug removal support for a period of 100 days.