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The global education system is experiencing tectonic shifts, and we are witnessing the formation of an ecosystem of truly lifelong education throughout a human’s life. It becomes available at any time and in any place, and you no longer need to adapt to someone else's schedule and go to the classroom.

Despite the fact that the first full-fledged online courses appeared only in 2008, over the past 10 years the online education has expanded significantly. Now online course websites like Coursera stand toe to toe with the traditional forms of education. Moreover, some experts argue that in the near future all educational organizations will switch to this format.

And this is not surprising since the websites like EdX and Coursera are a very convenient way of acquiring knowledge and skills, which also allows you to independently schedule your classes to balance your time managing.

Benefits of using our coursera Clone

Course Certificates

The bread and butter of any online learning platfornm Our Coursera clone delivers highly ingrained course certificates with stellar detailing upon completion of a course.

Level of Instruction

Designate your courses into multiple learning difficulty levels on the lines of beginners, intermediate and advanced/ experts, aiding the users in the holistic learning process.

Versatile Courses

Ramp up your arsenal with a wide range of online courses across various categories and specializations that'll entice a diverse user base onto your offering.


Captivate toddlers with a dashingly interactive online learning solution chiefly for preschool work that's laden with stellar features cumulatively imparting a delightful learning

Multimedia Sharing

Instant messaging apps are considered a powerful communication medium because of the ease to share any media contents like images, video or audio, and files.

Job-Oriented Technical Courses Training

Metamorphose industrial and employment-based training with precisely designated and defined technical courses habituate users with required skills

Why Choose Us?

Induction & Orientation

BetelGeuse’s The prompt onboarding process of new-recruitees is made even more comfortable with our uniquely developed applications.


Users don’t have to fret over losing their important messages, as the Alternative to coursera is synchronized with the cloud backup.

Corporate Training

Rendering employees with specialized skills is now a breezy affair with our flagship solutions ingrained with individual corporates operational.

Customer Support

Increase the retention rate of customers by connecting clock. Update them frequently about a new product or resolve queries with this sturdy app.

Perfect Whatsapp clone tailored to meet user demands

People now are really in need of an alternative instant messaging app due to the new terms of service and privacy policy of Whatsapp. So, grab this amazing opportunity to get shine in this online communication industry by building your own impressive instant messaging app with a well-built Whatsapp clone solution.

Our reliable Whatsapp clone solution will help you in arriving at a full-fledged, convenient, and safe instant messaging platform to entice users within a very short time.


The Coursera clone model:

Coursera was founded in 2012 by two Stanford Computer Science professors who wanted to share their knowledge and skills with the world. Professors Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng put their courses online – and taught more learners in a few months than they could have in an entire lifetime in the classroom.

Now Coursera is an educational online project where leading world universities publish free training courses covering almost all spheres of people’ activity. Moreover, the courses are conducted by the best teachers, many of them also have their own business.

An additional advantage of Coursera is the mobile application. Apps like Coursera allow you to upgrade your skills always and everywhere: in bed, on the way to work, in the subway.

All materials for the study are close to the traditional form of education (lectures, tests, homework), interactive and interesting to learn. If a student does not understand something, there is the possibility of cross-checking tasks or discussing unclear points in a special forum where students and teachers communicate.

Immersive Learning Experience

Shattering the conventionally allied constraints with the learning process, the revolutionary Coursera clone, with its futuristic features, makes course development a cakewalk, which, in turn, asserts an impeccable learning experience for the users, thereby offering a win-win situation.

Mobile/ Website Optimization

An overtone of unfluctuating learning is mandatory for any online course platform, and with our Coursera clone, it has ascended to the next level as students can relentlessly learn and access courses from the platform across devices like Mobile, PC, etc,


Allow users to share public content with their contacts by posting texts, images, emojis or videos that they prefer by utilizing this remarkable feature in our Whatsapp clone script. Users can even capture memorable moments that matter to them the most and upload it to status stories. They can also caption the story to make it look more appealing. The picture or a video that is uploaded by users on status stories will be visible for 24 hours. Users can also see who viewed their status and can delete the status if needed.

Need of online educational marketplaces?

Getting high-quality education at any preferred timing is easily achievable with the emergence of online education platform. This kind of platform offers limitless possibilities for everyone to learn, grow, discover new ideas, and make money as well. Since everything is made online, there is a tremendous need for this online educational marketplace in the global market.

The way to create your own marketplace using Coursera Clone Script?

which means you have endless possibilities in adapting our marketplace script to your business model. But in the beginning you won’t even need to touch the code: change the look and feel of your marketplace via the built-in layout and theme editors, construct a perfect checkout right on the storefront, and expand functionality via add-ons

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    Frequently asked questions

    01 What is the advantage of using an Coursera clone app?

    With an coursera clone app, you get all the features of the original software.

    02 What can I customize in the coursera clone app?

    You can customize every aspect of the clone app. That includes colors, designs, themes, icons, and more.

    03 How can use coursera clone app?

    The time it will take to finish developing the app depends on the number of features you want to implement in your app.

    04 Do you make apps for iOS or Android?

    We build exceptional apps for both platforms.